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dr tony does eye exam for prescription eyewear and sunglasses

Optometrist Schererville IN - Comprehensive Exam By Eye Doctor Anthony Guadagno O.D.

If you are looking for a fantastic place to get an eye exam then you have come to the right place.  Advanced Eyecare has been serving Schererville Indiana and surrounding communities in Northwest Indiana for more than 20 years. We take pride in what we do and offer the highest quality products and services at affordable prices.  We provide exams and other services to persons of all ages including children and other family members.  We have experience with all manners of eye conditions including eye infections, cataracts and glaucoma.  If you are considering becoming a new patient please take a few minutes to  learn more about our  Schererville IN optometrist and staff.

 We are so thrilled that our patients think very highly of us as shown on the many reviews about our Optometry practice on Google and our Facebook page.  You can check out some of these on our optometry kind words section below.  Please feel free to call the number on this site for an Appointment.  We are sure you will have a good experience.

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Affordable Eye Care And Eye Vision Exam For Day-To-Day Needs.

Eyecare Vision Exams

Providing eye exams by a competent eye doctor are the core of what we do. As time goes along your vision will change and we will get you seeing well again. We use state of the art equipment and ensure the accuracy of your prescription. Along with checking your prescription we always perform an eye health check also.

Eyeglasses Center

At Advanced Eyecare, we offer more than 800 eyeglass frames to choose from and highly trained opticians to help you find the perfect pair to fit your face. In addition we have the most up to date selection of lenses and coatings such as anti-reflective and Transitions

Contact Lenses

We specialize in hard to fit patients and regularly work with astigmatism and bifocal lenses. If you've discontinued wearing contact lenses or struggle to get through the day comfortably with your contacts, we use the most comfortable lenses on the market.

Medical Eye Exams

We know that you only have one set of eyes and they are meant to last forever. We provide optometrists based eye health examinations for many eye related problems such as Cataracts, Glaucoma, Diabetes, Dry Eye Syndrome and many others.

LASIK/PRK Consultation

Tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses? Not a candidate for Vision Shaping? Optometrist, Dr Guadagno provides consultations to see if you may be a candidate for one of the refractive surgery techniques. Schedule an eye exam with eye doctor today for a consultation

Vision Shaping

Fearful of LASIK? Is LASIK too expensive? Vision Shaping a.k.a. Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT) and Ortho K, involves sleeping in a contact lens overnight to restore your vision to 20/20 during the day without the need for glasses or contact lenses!

Some Kind Eyecare Center Words We Found Online In Schererville.

Advanced EyeCare Optometry Dr - FAQ"s

Yes we do.  We routinely work with Medicare and perform a vision exam and eye health exam also.  Medicare aged people should schedule an eye test every year to check their eyesight as well as their eye health by a qualified Dr of Optometry.  Request an appointment today.

Yes we check everyone for cataracts with our standard testing involving biomicroscopy.  This is part of our standard exam process.

Call our office and we will try to work you into our schedule.  Pink eye can be caused by a virus or a bacterial infection or some more serious agent.   It is IMPOSSIBLE to diagnose what the cause of infections or other eye related problems over the phone and it IS necessary to see someone with a doctors degree to correctly dignose the problem..  After an in-office evaluation we can prescribe appropriate treatment or medication.

Most times the answer is yes to this question about eyeglasses.  We would need to check the prescription in your eyeglasses and also look at your eyewear frames to make the best choices.  Most likely our optical staff can request a special type of lenses that are thinner and lighter weight.  Most times there will be a noticeable difference in the final thickness that is seen by all.  Please call our optical staff today to request more info.

Yes we work with them on a very regular basis.  Astigmatism contacts are available in the soft kind and also the hard oxygen permeable variety also.  To work with astigmatism lenses you need to make a specialized contact lens fitting evaluation.  Our staff enjoys working with astigmatism lenses.

Most times we ARE able to help with this.  There are many different reasons that a person can get fatigued and even get headaches from working on a computer for long periods of time.  We can give recommendations for new glasses lenses that include blue blocking filters and even suggest ergonomic changes at your work place to help lessen the eye strain.  Make an appointment and make sure that you tell the receptionist that you need testing for working on a computer and are getting eye strain.

Yes,  Dr  Guadagno enjoys working with kids.  Optometrists in general love giving an exam for children.  We check them carefully for any un-diagnosed eye health or vision problems. Please give us a call if you need to schedule an appointment for your child.

Absolutely they are Doctors.  The training they go through is similar in number of years as to what a dentist does.  Most times this is eight years of college.  After graduation and licensing they are given the title and degree of:

Dr of Optometry

commonly known as an Optometrist.  This degree is shown officially as O.D. They are qualified to perform eye exam for vision, an eye examination for contacts and an ocular health check.  They are also licensed to treat eye diseases and prescribe medication.

Vision And Eye Insurance Accepted

Medical Insurances Accepted

(This is a partial list. Please call if you have questions.)

  • AARP
  • Anthem/BCBS
  • Aetna
  • Allied Benefit Systems
  • Avesis
  • BAS
  • Cigna
  • Caresource
  • Envolve
  • Humana
  • ALL local union plans such as Local 130, 210, 597, 395, 734, 460, 710 and more
  • Indiana Medicaid
  • Hoosier Healthwise
  • Healthy Indiana Plan
  • Medwise
  • MHS
  • MECA
  • Medicare
  • NVA
  • PHCS
  • Sagamore Health
  • Prairie States
  • Professional Claims
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare
  • VBA
  • Versant

Office Hours

Mon : 9:00am – 5:00pm
Tue : 10am – 7:00pm
Wed : Closed
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Fri : 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sat : 9:00pm – 1:00pm
Sun : Closed
The office is closed the last Saturday of each month.

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