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With Vision Shaping you can...

Leave Your Glasses and Contact Lenses Behind

Do you have difficulty wearing your contact lenses the whole day without feeling the need to rip them out of your eyes? Would you like to go jogging or ride a bike without your glasses fogging or slipping down your nose?

Have you considered LASER refractive surgery such as LASIK, but the risk of complications such as halos or blurry vision scare you? With the Vision Shaping System, you can leave the hassles of glasses and contact lenses at home, leaving you to spend your busy day with clear and comfortable vision.

The Vision Shaping System is an FDA-approved process. Your Vision Shaping works by wearing Vision Retainer contact lenses while you sleep. While you are busy dreaming about tomorrow’s activities, the Vision Retainer gently reshapes the front of your eye to correct your nearsightedness (myopia). Upon awakening, you will be able to remove your Vision Retainers and go through your busy day without corrective lenses.

No Laser Required

While the benefits are very similar to LASER Refractive Surgery, Vision Shaping has many significant differences from LASER correction. One advantage is that Vision Shaping is non-surgical. The risks of surgery such as permanent halos, star bursts, hazing and blurry vision are not an issue. The Vision Shaping system is reversible: should there ever be any problems with your vision, the Retainers can be left off and your vision will return to the way it was before treatment.

After having LASER refractive surgery, your vision will eventually change and require attention. You options will be to either undergo an “enhancement” LASER procedure or wear glasses or contact lenses again. With Vision Shaping, vision changes can be easily addressed during your yearly examination by modifying the Vision Retainers.

Because modifications can be made to the treatment, Vision Shaping is a realistic option for children. In fact, Vision Shaping can prevent prescription changes that would normally occur during the adolescent growth process, an important consideration for children of parents with high prescriptions. Finally, Vision Shaping is a fraction of the cost of LASER Refractive Surgery. You can use the savings to take up a new hobby that you can enjoy with your new vision and know that you’ve received a good value for your money.

Take the Next Step

Before starting the Vision Shaping System, the doctor will perform a thorough evaluation to see if you are a good candidate. A computerized exam will be performed to find your prescription and obtain a detailed map of the shape of the eyes that will allow the doctor to prescribe a pair of Vision Retainers.

When you receive your Vision Retainers, you will be able to wear them the same night. Our staff will teach you how to properly handle and care for the Vision Retainers. The next morning you will wake up with a dramatic improvement in your vision. You will see the doctor for several follow-up visits so your vision can be monitored and any adjustments can be made to make sure your vision is good throughout the day.

After your follow-up period (usually a few visits over 2-3 months), you will just need your usual yearly eye health examination.


Vision Shaping has been around for many years. However, it was not until recently that technology has advanced enough to allow doctors to achieve reliable success with good vision. Computerized testing allows the doctor to more accurately identify good candidates, prescribe Vision Retainers, and monitor treatment by measuring corneal topography.

Technology has greatly improved the manufacturing process, allowing doctors to design more complex Vision Retainers that are more comfortable and obtain more rapid vision changes that maintain good vision all day. Finally, newer materials are used to make the Vision Retainers breathe more oxygen, which is healthier for the eyes.

Your Vision is More Than Seeing 20/20

Not every doctor is able to perform Vision Shaping. It takes considerable skill in fitting specialty contact lenses in addition to training in the Vision Shaping System. Furthermore, advanced diagnostic equipment is needed to help design Vision Retainers and properly monitor patient progress and eye health.

It has always been our mission to stay abreast to new technology and offer our patients the best options and provide the finest eye care. Vision Shaping is an example of our maintaining that commitment.

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