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Think you're getting the best price on contact lenses from major online contact lens retailers such as 1-800?
                                                           Think again...

Consider these few things when ordering contact lenses from other sources:
1. Can you use your insurance with online retailers?
2. Are the online retailers going to give you samples when you are almost out of lenses?
3. Guess who pays to return defective, incorrect, or problem lenses?

and....this is really cool....when you order from Advanced Eyecare...

Don't want to pay for, or can't afford a year supply of contacts all at once?  Don't worry!  When you order from Advanced Eyecare, you can set your account up so that you can receive automatic contact lens shipments every 3 months and only be billed when it's time for the next 3 month supply of contacts to be mailed directly to your door.

We are happy to offer three methods of ordering contact lenses.

1. Come to the office and purchase your contact lenses.  You may be able to walk out of the office with your contact lens supply as we maintain an inventory of daily disposable contact lenses.

2. Give us a call to place an order with a credit card over the phone and you can choose to either pick up the lenses from our office, or you can have the lenses mailed directly to your home or office.

3. Order your contact lenses from our Web Store.  You can pay for your contact lenses with a major credit card and have them shipped directly to your home, or office.
  To order your contact lenses now, simply click on        
"New? Sign Up Here!" to register and place your order.
  Don't forget to look for applicable discounts and rebates available.  Also, don't forget to put your order on auto-ship, if you don't want to order your year supply of contact lenses all at once.

                                                             ORDER NOW!

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