Advanced Eyecare of N.W.I.       

                                            Your Vision Is More Than 20/20 !

Have you dreamed of waking up with 20/20 vision, but don't want the risk or expense of LASER surgery?  If this sounds like you, we can turn your dreams into reality with Vision Shaping!


We offer a large selection of designer and budget frames to meet your needs and in many cases are able to make your glasses right in our office laboratory.


Are you ready to tear your contacts out at the end of the day?  Are your eyes blood-shot, itchy, watering or burning?  Our doctor offers the most current medical therapy and healthy contact lens choices to help you wear your lenses comfortably all day.            

Seeing flashes of light? Did you get a piece of metal in your eye?  Think you might have "pink eye?"  Our medical staff is available 24/7, in the event of a medical eye emergency.  If you believe you are experiencing a medical eye emergency, call our after hours emergency number at: (219)789-8282


At Advanced Eyecare, we accept most major medical and optical insurances.  For patients who do not have medical or optical insurance, we accept and can assist patients interested in applying for Care Credit.

Office Hours:               Monday: 9 - 5                                                                                        
                                       Tuesday: 10 - 7                                                               
                                       Wednesday: Closed                                                                   
                                       Thursday: 10 - 7
                                       Friday: 9 - 5
                                       Saturday: 9 - 1
                                       (Closed the last Saturday of each month)
                                       Sunday: Closed

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